Shashi Marajh Attorneys


"Honouring your best interests" since 1995:  Property Law, Conveyancing, Litigation, Estates and Trusts, Personal Injury, Commercial Law

SHASHI MARAJH AND COMPANY INC, Company registration: 415 027 0710, are a Firm of Attorneys that have been practicing largely in the Chatsworth and surrounding jurisdiction for the past 20 years.  In this regard they have become extremely familiar and established within the community and surrounds.

The Firm has always strived to offer a service that is unsurpassed and extremely efficient.  Shashi Marajh has worked extremely hard in striving to cultivate a high standard of service delivery in all aspects of law.  This he was able to achieve with the assistance of his hard working, dedicated and selfless staff over the years. 


The Firm has also sought to extend its goodwill beyond the realms of the legal profession in that they have performed extensive charitable work in the community.  In particular we wish to highlight the feeding scheme embarked by the Firm in the highly impoverished Westcliff Flat Area.  This project was undertaken in conjunction with the Westcliff Flat Dwellers Association.  This charitable project was undertaken on a yearly basis and had commenced approximately ten (10) years ago. Further on a yearly basis the Firm strongly support the Chatsworth Hospice by hosting yearly Golf days and raising funds for the Hospice a non profit organisation.


Included in the staff compliment is the Professional Assistant and Attorney and Conveyancer  Anupa Marajh who was admitted as an Attorney in 2000 and Conveyancer in 2005  and has been practicing as such with the Firm.  The Firm is proudly on the four major Banks panel namely:


The in house Conveyancer has 4 Conveyancing paralegals who attend to all Bond registrations and Bond cancellations as well as Property Transfers be it sectional, conventional or deceased Estate transactions. Estate planning is offered to all our clients.


Shashi Marajh specialises in handling all litigation matters in the High Court. He is professionally assisted by 2  Attorneys as well as 3 Candidate Attorneys. His record in respect of turnaround time in dealing with these matters is exemplary. Most especially in finalising quick and fair settlements with the Road Accident Fund iro severe and serious injuries as well as medical negligence claims.


Despite the business having improved exponentially over the past 20 years, Shashi Marajh has opted not to leave the area of Chatsworth where he was born and schooled.  He has always believed in giving back to the community and has very often conducted legal work on a pro deo basis to deserving clients.  He has also regularly put back into the community via donations to various charitable and non-governmental organizations in the community.

The Firm is a  member of the Black Conveyancers Association (BCA) as well as a proudly Level 3 B-BBEEE Contributor.